Dentist Education Institute
The DentistEdu is an international institute dedicated to graduate and post-graduate dental education.

Is active in: Greece, Italy & 18 other countries of the world.



 The DentistEdu assossiates with educational institutions and Universities in Greece and abroad such as:

1)The IRF in Microdentistry , Italian Institute for Research and Continuing Education for educational programs in Dentistry. 

2)The Excellence Dental Network Institute of know-how and high technology in modern therapeutic methods in dentistry.
3)The Faculty of Dentistry UAX in Madrid, Spain for undergraduate and graduate programs in dentistry.
4)The School of Medicine, University of Patras on research conducted in the areas of growth factors, implantology and molecular diagnosis of periodontitis.
5)With the Economical University of Athens for the programs "Marketing in Dentistry".
6)The ADEE, Association for Dental Education in Europe , Dublin Dental School and Hospital.
7)The Italian Institute Biomolecular Diagnostic on Molecular Diagnostics in the process of Periodontitis.
8)The .
9)Many internationally renowned companies for sponsoring the participants of the programs.

Its Philosophy the postgraduate dental education to be provided in real clinical conditions.
Through using all modern dental methods and innovative techniques, wants to give to the post graduate students comprehensive, high-level learning and practicing in a short time manner with the best and most economical way.
Also large companies of the industry provide their products free of charge to the participants of the educational programs.
For example, in implantology amongst other, were offered for free full surgical and prosthetic implants kit and 3 implants.
Small groups , consisting of 5 to 10 dentists for better learning, participating in various programs of the institute.
The DentistEdu provide further training programs to dentists, dental assistants, nurses and students from all around the world.
In addition the Institute offers continuing support to their graduate students.
We thank all those who daily visit this site and all professors, doctors and assistants for their support.



To: doctors, nurses and students who wish to attend any of the 30 different seminars or post graduate programs that DentistEdu offers.

For the best organization of the courses we would like to inform you that:

1) In almost all programs, there is live practice in real surgery - clinical conditions, so we have to manage time and the best patients to be included in educational programs.
2) There shall be paid to trainees from companies in the area. Therefore to better serve you need to know in time the exact number of participants. example Free Full administer surgical and prosthetic implants and box 3 implants in each participant in a similar program.
3) To be timely informed and organized speakers - professors and teaching staff.
4) We offer practical training in real conditions in small groups of trainees with the best. That requires a very large and good organization. Trainees should gain experience and knowledge will be able to apply directly to their office.
5) We want to be competitive and offer high quality services with all the modern technology and innovations at the best prices.
For all these reasons in each program is no final date for participation (Deadline), beyond which will not be accepted other contributions.

Also it is possible to start simultaneously various educational programs. Please anyone interested in a particular course to declare our desire and just added the number of 10 persons will be able to begin this education.